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Programme of the 3rd International Conference “HEALTHY-AGE: Active Ageing, Exercise and Health”.

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"III International HEALTHY-AGE Conference: Active Ageing, Exercise and Health". On September 30, 2022, will take place the III Conference organized by the Research Network "HEALTHY-AGE/ Active Ageing, Exercise and Health" of the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD) of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain in collaboration with the Department of [...]

Members of the HEALTHY-AGE network immersed in one of the Knowledge Generation 2021 Projects for Healthy Ageing.

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The @AgEInves Coordinated Project starts with great enthusiasm in several Spanish Universities. COORDINATED PROJECT: "Cost-effectiveness and efficacy of different physical exercise interventions (face-to-face and online) with and without motivational strategies on mental and physical health of older people in the short and long term in community and institutional settings". "Cost-effectiveness and efficacy of different physical [...]